January 01, 2016. The scientists involved in the PELICO Project began the research into cytotoxic photosensitive compounds, analogues of the known antibiotic sramicidin S (Angewandte Chemie, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201600506).



December 09, 2016. Senior Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis leaders and PELICO Project coordinator visited Enamine and Ukrorgsyntez. They met with the colleagues from Ukraine and discussed prospects of further cooperation as well as current results on the Project. On the photo below, from left to right: Chairman of the Scientific Board of the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis Prof. Ivars Kalvins; Director of Ukrorgsyntez Dr. Sergii Dovgopolyi; PELICO Project coordinator at Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis Prof. Aigars Jirgensons; Director of Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis Prof. Osvalds Pugovics. In an informal meeting with Enamine scientists, the guests from Riga shared insightful experience in drug design. In particular, Prof. Ivars Kalvins, the inventor of anti-ischemic drug Mildronate, new Mildronate-containing pharmaceutical products (Capicor, MildronateGX, Neomildronate), immunostimulator Leakadine and anti-cancer drug Belinostat spoke of exciting stories about drug development in Latvia.


December 27, 2016. Research pharmacokinetic and toxicity studies of the photoswitchable gramicidin S analogues on mice was finished at Bienta for Enamine under the PELICO Project. Valuable experience on working with photosensitive drugs, their laser activation in tissue (see the photo below) and subsequent analysis of samples was acquired. The studies confirmed the preliminary data published earlier by us in Angewandte Chemie (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201600506) and found new results which are very encouraging for the use of the peptidomimetics in photodynamic therapy of cancer.



June 16, 2017. PELICO Project mid-term meeting was organized by Enamine Ltd. in Kyiv, Ukraine. The meeting agenda can be downloaded here. Project officer Eleftheria Lykouressi and the expert Dr. Julia Maria Alvarez Gutierrez attended the meeting. The coordinator, WP leaders and secondees presented their contribution to the Project and the progress made during the first year of the implementation.




June 17, 2017. Workshop «Bioactive Peptides and their Photocontrol», Venue: RUS Hotel, 4 Hospitalna str., Kyiv 01601, Ukraine.

The workshop was organized by the coordinator, Enamine Ltd. The aim of the workshop was to promote dissemination of the results obtained under the project, exchanging the ideas relevant to peptide-based drug design, and specifically to photopharmacology by photosensitive peptidomimetics. Senior and experienced scientists, the experts in the field of chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, attended the event and inspired young talents working under the project. The participants visited Enamine facilities.

The workshop program is available for download.



November 28, 2017. Prof. Igor V. Komarov participated in the conference «Unlocking the EU Research and Innovation Potential through Excellence in Cooperation» organised by Lithuanian RDI Liaison Office (LINO) and Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels. The main aim of this event was to increase the visibility of the Research and Innovation potential through the analysis of Lithuania’s and Ukraine’s examples. Igor V. Komarov represented Enamine Ltd. and the current PELICO Project. The agenda of the event can be downloaded here.


September 28, 2018. Prof. Igor V. Komarov (Enamine LLC) and Tim Schober (KIT) participated in Life Science Accelerator Investors Day, Technologiepark Heidelberg. Tim Schober made a presentation:

November 01-02, 2018. Tim Schober took part in the 2nd International Symposium on Photopharmacology in Barcelona and presented a poster & talk. The poster can be downloaded here.

December 31, 2018. A major milestone of the Project was achieved: optimised lead compounds, gramicidin S-based peptidomimetics, were obtained. The results of the lead optimisation is published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.